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Life as a Mom Blogger
Life as mommies can never be boring with stains, poop, hungry howls, curious minds and unconditional love. Mommy to a very inquisitive boy AJ. I created this blog to share DIY, kids activity ideas, Printable’s and bits of my life while finding my very own Mommyland.
Life as a DIY Blogger
Inheritance from my Mom. Being able to create a product gives me utmost satisfaction. As an Interior Designer turned DIY blogger, I love to make products.
I always say,” Add a little bit of you, to everything you do”

In my free time i practice BharatNatyam(Indian Classical dance) – It has been a part of me since childhood and I am currently learning Kathak.

I shares DIY tricks, upcycling ideas, kids activities, Printable’s, décor ideas and bits of my life on Findingmommyland.

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